Pipe Flange Manufacturers

Are you looking for the best quality flanges for your devices? and are you in the dilemma because you have to pay more in the name of “best quality “? Just come to YeeChengHK. We will help you by supplying the superb flanges with the reasonable price that you can afford. 

YeeChengHK is a leading flange exporter in China and dedicated to providing finest-quality flanges to the world.

We are one of custom pipe flange manufacturers who conform to the most stringent designs and standards as well as providing economical shipping scheme to ensure fast, reliable service at price.

Standard Flanges supplier

At the same time, our elite sales staff and veteran machinists from cooperated factory work together closely to ensure that the highest quality of care is implemented in every stage of creating each precision engineered flange. Our QC department works tirelessly to inspect each flange before releasing it from warehouse.

We offer the standard flanges by ANSI /ASME/ DIN. Product range covers slip-on pipe flange, weld necks pipe flange, lap joint flange, blind flange, threaded and socket weld flanges made of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other special non-ferrous material.

Our cooperated factory is founded in 1984, one of the earliest and largest specialized manufacturers in China in producing flange. He is a mainstream supplier for SINOPEC, CNPC AND CNOOC in oil and gas industry, as well as a main supplier for CNPE, CNPEC AND SNPEC in nuclear power industry, it has 78,000mplant with 350 highly experienced working staff. 

None-standard/ custom flange for special application

YeeChengHK are able to supply other non-standard flange according to customer’s unique design and application. We have a massive first-hand raw material sourcing from largest steel mill in CHINA to guarantee the best raw material quality and price. We work closely with mill to satisfy custom design and applicaiton by adjusting chemistry of raw material. This is also one of our advanage of giving the best competive price for our own valued customer.

YeeChengHK have been exclusively focusing on flanges for years to ensure we can provide overwhelming cost effective, competitive product for you to reduce your cost. We are aiming to make customer feel good to work with us in each order. 

Feel free to contact us. We’re sure your any inquiry or requirement will get prompt attention and served.