Get High-Quality Custom Pipe Flange & Fittings at BOLILAI

BOLILAI is a custom flange manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide custom flange & fittings based on the problem or challenge that customers are facing. Our goal is to develop a Simple – Effective – Solution that solve those problem!Our engineering in factories and product development staffs listen to your needs, convert what they hear into a concept, create a prototype and test it. With our versatile equipment and can-do attitude,BOLILAI responds to your needs faster than anyone in the industry. Developing products and processes that stop corrosion, stop flange damage and stop debris in the piping system is our wheelhouse. Let us help you solve your next challenge, so that you protect your assets while increasing throughput, with innovative preservation products and processes, allowing you to build more in less time.




Our main supplying factory is founded in 1984, one of the earliest and largest specialized manufacturers in China in producing flanges and other fittings. it has 78,000m2 plant with 350 highly experienced working staff and got approved of ISO9001, OHSAS18001,TUV,ABS and BV. Product range covers slip-ons, weld necks, lap joints, blinds, threaded and socket weld flanges and other custom product made of carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel. For more detail,please browse the “facilities page”.



Our Office : 

#194 Baisha community Zhanghzhou economic development zone Fujian province, 363105 P.R.CHINA


TEL: +86 186-2111-7531