About Us

YeeChengHK is a brand name for carbon fiber composite product range belonging to ZHANGZHOU BOLILAI INDUSTRIAL TRADING CO.,LTD which is a multi-industrial trading company covering high-end metallic and non-metallic applications and one of its business is dedicated in Carbon fiber product designing and trading . We collaborate with the best third party factory to deliver best high quality and up-to-date product to our users and key accounts. Especially on CARBON HOCKEY STICKS AND CARBON BIKE RIM. We have been achieved to deliver hundreds of thousand pieces of carbon product to the buyers worldwide and received positive feedback.  The good quality spurred us move forward very fast. We've been in the period of transformation and upgrading to suit this quick-changing world. We welcome a win-win cooperation. Email to Johnson.Kow@yeechenghk.com , We'd love to be at your service.