Bauer Supreme 2018 1X Lite Senior Composite Stick

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Bauer releasing a new Supreme stick always generates a lot of buzz and nobody is going to be let down by the the TotalONE MX3. Much like NXG the MX3 is built with TeXtreme carbon fiber technology which provides strength without adding much weight. You’ll notice the lack of weight the second you pick up an MX3 as once again Bauer’s high end Supreme stick is one of the lightest sticks in its class. Bauer achieves this by using the aforementioned TeXtreme alongside its single molding process called Monocomp technology. By not having any overlapping layers Bauer eliminates excess material keeping the stick light while giving it a very nice balance. New in the MX3 is Bauer’s Power Sense Core 2 blade which gives the player optimum feel while still getting a great response when ripping clappers at some poor tender. If you’re a Supreme fan already it’s time to get excited about the new TotalONE MX3. 

Products Features

Bauer - Supreme
TeXtreme Carbon Fiber
Flex Point
Amplified Mid Kick
Shaft Shape
Supreme Power Shaft
Blade Construction
Power Sense 2
Supreme Power Taper
Made In
30 days
Flex Options
77, 87, 95, 102, 112

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