Bauer Supreme 1S Grip Junior Composite Stick

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Ideal for the player that unloads explosive one-timers and bombs the heavy slapshot, the Supreme 1S is here and will not disappoint. Time and time again Bauer elevates their sticks to the highest level to offer unmatched feel and performance and the 1S is no different.

The square, double concave taper of the supreme power shaft thickens at the hosel to work with the Maximum Power Kick (MPK) flex profile to minimize shaft deflection during shots and optimize energy transfer. The 1S is of course offered in grip and clear finishes, but utilizes the 1S tactile to enhance grip without restricting slide motion. The 1S tactile is enhanced ribbing on the bottom edges of the shaft, and is designed with a height and spacing that provides a more natural feel compared to the Tac-Spiral of the past. The stick is created using Bauer’s industry leading monocomp technology, a single molding process that ensures performance and consistency between each stick. The process also helps to remove excess layers of material such as resins and foam to increase balance and provide a better overall feel. The shaft uses an ultra-lightweight and strong carbon fiber called TeXtreme which is 20% lighter than conventional carbon and eLASTech technology that features a resin with carbon nanotube reinforcements to extend the life of the stick and keep the ‘pop’ lasting longer.

The 1S also features taper geometry that has a lower taper initiation for maximum output with minimum effort by keeping a stiffer lower shaft which pushed the kick point even higher. In other words, the 1S is extremely quick loading and provides a mid-kick for heavy shots and lots of power. The 1S also features a pure shot blade profile to reduce blade deflection and increase accuracy and power. As well, a power sense 2 core constructs the blade with the newest in SENSE technology. This process integrates the TeXtreme carbon fiber with SENSE layer foams to reduce the overall blade weight and keep maximum puck feel.

Products Features

Bauer - Supreme
TeXtreme Composite Construction
Flex Point
MPK Technology
Shaft Shape
Square Double Concave Walls
Blade Construction
Power Sense Core 2 w/ Pure Shot Profile
Supreme Power Taper
Made In
30 Days
Flex Options
52, 47

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