CCM RBZ superfast Intermediate Composite Stick

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The CCM RBZ 290 sticks feature loads of performance and a high end feel for those players who aren’t looking to break the bank on a stick. Partnered with Taylor Made, CCM keeps a focus on maximizing puck velocity and power transfer to get the puck off your stick and into the back of the net faster.

The blade of the 290 uses a speed pocket construction to provide a trampoline effect when shooting which maximizes puck speed by providing a high coefficient of restitution (C.O.R.). The coefficient of restitution is a coefficient beside the variable which determines how fast the stick and blade return to the normal resting position after the stick has been loaded. A high number essentially results in a quicker and harder shot by allowing the puck to fire off the blade faster. 

The shaft of the stick is constructed with carbon composite and fiberglass to keep the weight low and the taper of the shaft features powerhosel technology. This technology uses an internal rib inside the hosel to help maximize energy transfer and increase the overall durability.

Keeping with the traditional custom flex point of the RBZ line, the 290 offers a constant kick point which flexes where the player’s bottom hand is placed to offer maximum power and response for any type of shot. The CCM RBZ 290 sticks weigh 465 grams at full length.

Products Features

Carbon Composite
59" (75, 85 Flex), 62" (95, 105 Flex)
Flex Point
Custom Kick Point
Shaft Shape
Square w/ Rounded Corner
Blade Construction
Speed Pocket Construction
PowerHosel Technology
Made In
30 Days
Flex Options
75, 85, 95, 105

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